About John.  



My name is John Pagano and I’m a Señor Art Director… Señor for my Venezuelan origins and 20 plus years of experience as a creative professional.     

If there’s one key attribute that’s shaped my personal and professional life, it’s my curiosity. Not the introspective, ‘why are we here?’ kind of curiosity. More the, ‘Gee I wonder what happens if I push this button’ kind.

Curiosity brought me to Australia and inspired a diverse portfolio of work that’s been recognised for its originality, creativity and effectiveness at award shows around the world. It’s this appetite for new knowledge, experience and opportunities that continues to drive me forward.

Having worked with leading agencies in South America and Australia on global brands like Bridgestone, Nike, Adelaide Football Club, SA Health, Yalumba, Sesame Street, I bring a truly international perspective to every project.

My strengths are many and varied, from meticulous art direction through to the quick generation of high-end campaignable ideas. Whatever the medium, I don’t stop until I’m satisfied every creative possibility has been explored.

My long-time passion for advertising and media has made me a walking, talking ‘adcyclopedia’. If references are required for a particular art style or tonal guide, I have a good idea where they’ll be, and what I don’t know I’ll hunt down and find out.

For the last 8 years I’ve been the Senior Art Director with an internationally acclaimed, Adelaide based advertising agency, where I’ve played a key role in every aspect of the creative process – from creative strategy development and concepting through to pitching and execution. Along the way I’ve also enjoyed mentoring junior creatives.

Hopefully my story has piqued your curiosity. That’s good, it means we’ve already got something in common. I’d encourage you to get in touch and explore that curiosity just a little more… it’s always worked for me.


John was the creative director on two Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (ASO) Season looks for 2015 & 2016. To these projects he brought a fantastic vision for differentiating our brand and delivered this through very solid execution of the concept. The results positioned the ASO uniquely against other cultural offerings not only in South Australia but also nationally.”


Director, Marketing & Development 
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

John's credentials are exceptional. With a multitude of national and international awards, and experience with some of the world’s biggest brands, you can always trust him to deliver. But what sets John apart is his humanity. Generous, hard working, passionate and bloody funny, John is just a great guy to be around.”


Strategy Director 
Showpony Advertising