Adelaide Crows


The Adelaide Crows asked the Agency to develop a new position for the new era of the Crows, one that will help fans and club to understand that we are all in this together, and together is how will overcome adversity and will achieve great things! 

We came up with the line 'We Fly As One' which for us made complete sense. Easy right! 

I developed the 'We Fly As One' logo and also created all the new visual look through posters and TVC, where players, fans, and crows became one. For the first series of posters, I worked in collaboration with the talented illustrator Andy Mc Intyre. 

For the next season, we were asked what next? And murmuration was born. This time we created a grand TVC with Kojo, where a murmuration of crows from all over SA come together to create the extraordinary. See the TVC below and you shall find it. 


Creating the new philosophy for the club and seeing the fans really embrace it. It is a dream come true.