Bridgestone Hands


I always believe that a good project is dictated by the brilliance of its conception or brief. And for this one, the client and strategy found a great fact that was unique to this category, 'only the equivalent of one handprint of tread connects each of your tyres to the road.' Once you are presented with a great insight, it always does the positive effect. It inspires you to do a great job. Once the idea was to do it with shadow puppetry, it was my job to visualise the hole TVC in terms of what these hands create visually to represent the script that was written. With the brilliance of CGI created by Resin Studios and a shadow puppetry expert from the US, we achieved a very authentic and simple ad. 

Also, I was asked to create a simple print visual that represented this insight. I created an A1 poster with a real size hand-print so that the audience could have a tactile, but a real comparison to the insight.